Saturday, March 23, 2019

Real Estate Pros: Here Are 5 Irrefutable Reasons Why You Must Host A Movie Night In Your Neighborhood (Before Your Competition Beats You To It)

Nothing says community like an outdoor movie under the stars. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are over 1.3 million licensed real estate agents in the United States.

How are your customers finding you? More importantly, how are you standing out amongst your competition?

If you’re in the real estate game you know competition is stiff. It’s not about prospecting for listings anymore - today’s homebuyers and sellers are looking for community experts.

A top real estate professional knows the neighborhood. They’re recognizable because they plug in. Who wouldn’t want to work with the agent that sponsors the local high school football team?

So you already sponsor a few local teams. Great! Sponsorships are one way to give back to your community (and the football team needs your help), but isn’t that what your competition is doing?

It’s time to think bigger!

Realtor in Action - TERRY MARTINEZ
What if we showed you how to headline a massively successful community event? Yes, you! It’s easier and more affordable than you think.

Here at FunFlicks Outdoor Movies, we know a thing or two about successful community events. We know that movies are always a crowd-pleaser and we are experts at helping our clients craft the perfect movie night.

Here are five reasons an outdoor movie under the stars is the ideal advertising strategy for your real estate business: 

  1. Movies are universal. Young or old, CEO or stay-at-home-parent, we all love movies. There is something magical about those opening credits unfolding on a giant inflatable screen. We are about to be swept away on an epic adventure and whether we laugh or cry (or both!), we know that we will be thoroughly entertained in a very special way. 
  2. Bringing the Community Together is Special. These are the moments our kids will remember forever. Families are busier than ever. Your event gives them the perfect excuse to drop the mobile devices, escape the TV and head outside for an old fashioned drive-in style experience - under the stars, without the cars! Add some fresh, hot buttery popcorn, popped right there on site. 
  3.  Your event is free for the community but priceless for you. Let’s face it: traditional movies are expensive. By the time you spring for a pre-movie dinner, tickets and popcorn, you can easily blow over $100. For what? To sit in the dark, separated by armrests and focused on the movie instead of each other. Your prospects would rather pack a picnic, spread out a blanket and relax under the stars. All courtesy of you! The payback? Customer loyalty and future business!
  4. Networking on your own terms. Nothing beats a community event for meeting and greeting your prospects. We all know that success in real estate is all about visibility and referrals. Maybe the Jones Family isn’t ready to sell now, but when it’s time they’ll remember you because your event was special, and even better - you pulled up a lawn chair and visited before the movie began. These personalized interactions will level up your business.
  5. You design the pre-movie entertainment. Want to support the local dance team? Maybe you’ll show a promotional video about your real estate office. Perhaps you are helping raise awareness for a local charity. Whatever your agenda…the floor is yours! You have a captive audience that is just waiting to be entertained. We provide the audio visual support for just about any pre-movie experience. Unsure? Let us help! We do hundreds of movie nights every year. 

Realtors face cutthroat competition. Stand out by giving back. Book your community movie night or multi-event summer movie night series today and let us help you be a hero in your neighborhood!

by Rebecca Shepard

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